How do I become a web developer? Part-2

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    To read the previous part, click here .

    Test-driven and behavior-driven development (TDD and BDD)
    The process of writing and writing glasses before writing the code to your application will ensure that you have enough coverage on the micro-and macro level in your application. BDD related Wikipedia article is a great resource for learning about TDD and BDD, but you learn that you are following the tutorial on best practices according to your language/framework preferences. Avoid TDD and/or tutorials that do not specify BDD.

    It is a point to get itself because JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the dominant language of automatic communication between services on the Web today. Developers should work with both APIs and know to create them. This is important because web development is becoming increasingly modularized because service-based architectures have become standard, JavaScript frameworks have become more popular, is designed to start mobile from the first day and third-party APIs are included.

    Web developers should think about the amount of data they can get in memory (for example, something like a memento), reasonably possible, and then how to cache the file system level (which is the maximum application speed) to avoid calling in a database. Most modern frameworks have built-in modes for using memory and file system caching (both partial and full-page caching), so if you do not expect high volume traffic, take extra time to learn how to do it.

    Background task
    Especially for online training tutorials to develop web developers, it is notorious, how to think in a standard of expanded processes in the background to speed up the user experience. For example, sending one or more emails for an application is common when submitting a sign-up form. However, this is done at the same request for receiving form information, but it can create a slow experience for the user. If there is an email sent in a few seconds after the background task, then there is no big deal. This little thing matters. Again, speed is really important. Web developers have to think about designing their apps as fast as possible in each step of the stack.
    It’s a great way to accelerate your skills, though, developers have to learn from the direct practice. If you are interested in learning web development in Dhaka , Pixel DTS is your one-way solution.

    At least (but not even close to), web developers should be familiar with the fast-growing set of computing technologies to design, scaling, migrating, testing, optimizing, continually integrating and installing cloud code. DevOps is an integrated set of existing works between “Developer” and IT Professional’s old-school roles. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Technologists have a tremendous set of web developers that are available to developers.

    There is no alternative to personal instruction, but the growing number of online courses and tutorials are available that search engines are doing a great job at the top of their results.

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