Blockfreight China Picks Alibaba Cloud

⚓ April 26, 2020 / ⌚ 14:21:15 HK

Alibaba Cloud Office. Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images

Blockfreight Inc announced it has launched its service with Alibaba Cloud to provision its China customers with cloud services to over 1 billion people. China has been seen by many as being at the forefront of blockchain and technology adoption in industry eclipsing even the United States in terms of market penetration.

“This parrnetship allows us to host applications within the mainland and in a regulatory complient and stratedgically allied manner when it comes to logistics application technology and software” Blockfreight Inc. Co-founder and CIO Julian Smith said today.

We see this as a vital part of our initiative to grow our company in China and to power One Belt One Road, a national strategic and trade project of the Chinese national government.

Our alliance with the country’s largest e-commerce provided paves the way for future collaboaration and alliance on the Blockfreight protocol and adoption within their significant logistics business unit.

Alibaba has previously announces commitments to blockchain technology and established several projects and business units dedicated to expanding this are within their business.

Blockfreight looks forward to working closely with a highly capable and leading technology company in the China market.

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