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Blockfreight China picks Alibaba Cloud

Blockfreight Inc announced it has launched its service with Alibaba Cloud to provision its China customers with cloud services to over 1 billion people. China has been seen by many as being at the forefront of blockchain and technology adoption in industry eclipsing even the United States in terms of market penetration. “This parrnetship allows us to host applications within the mainland and in a regulatory complient and stratedgically allied manner when it comes to logistics application technology and software” Blockfreight Inc. [Read more]

Oil Price Crash Impact on Supply-Chain

A growing number of Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCV) are taking the longer route from Asia to Europe and vice versa, as seen in this heat map we have created of ULCV journeys over the last 30 days. A drop in oilprices has resulted in these large vessels choosing to go around the Cape, rather than through the Suez, where tolls can be very expensive. MarineTraffic data shows that in the last month five vessels with capacity over 15k TEU have recently travelled around or are currently bearing towards the Cape of Good Hope. [Read more]

US Tariff Suspension May Stimulate Demand

The US is looking to support imports by moving to suspend tariff payments as the federal and state governments look to reopen businessed and commercial activity. This move today to announce a suspension of the collection of import tariffs for three months is desgned to give U.S. companies financial relief amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to administration officials. Industry analysts have observed that U.S. Customs and Border Protection have adopted a pattern of and an established history of causing the cost of most consumer good in the US to be higher than they otherwise would be, by demanding a fee (tariff) to allow them to pass into the market. [Read more]