Angel Round

Blockfreight™ was founded in 2015 with initial capital being provided by the founders, Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center Incubator and private placement of funds from active members of the MBTC community.

Individuals who are interested in supporting the project may consider purchasing our asset BLOCKFREIGHT [BFT:XCP] a Counterparty token which directly helps fund development of the platform.

The Blockfreight Innovation Fund (BIF) may also be of interest to individual investors interested in making a qualifying significant investment into the venture fund as a limited partner.

Seed Round Closing September 2017. [details here]

Blockfreight, Inc. (a Delaware company) is pleased to announce a limited private placement of equity in our 2017 Seed Round is now open for investment. If you are a professional/qualified investor including

Token Sales Blockfreight, Inc. token sales.

All other approaches to the company regarding growing capacity and financing development on terms consistent with the needs of the business are welcome

Inquiries may be directed to:

Julian Smith
Founder, President & CEO

Blockfreight, Inc.