How Blockfreight™ built a blockchain of global freight

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Julian Smith

Julian Smith, Founder & CEO, Blockfreight, Inc.

8th May, 2017

Blockfreight™ the blockchain of global freight. Technical perspectives. What’s a blockchain?

The end of money as we knew it, and the start of money as we want it. In moving the global accord of free trade and movement of goods made by citizens between and amongst themselves with the smallest possible amount of regulatory interference and or participation is worth producing in the world through digital means.

From the outset, our job has been to install this value set in the application code and the universe by its active passing of operating variables from the runtime on the public internet into the Blockfreight™ blockchain.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s peer-to-peer electronic cash has produced many things now, including the ability to sift through the fog of promises which are immutable or otherwise.. in a practical sense.

Data units matching this “immutability in practice” with tamper evident proof-of * ( work / stake or distribution ) to become a canonical cannon of reference is a blockchain.

Nautical chain: High tensile steel links in port facilities. (Photgrapher/Location unkown)
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Blockfreight™ the blockchain of global freight.

Blockfreight™ is an equivalent digital bond in world trade. The Blockfreight™ Transaction [BF_TX] is the Open Source (MIT) Licensed code for transport via Shipping Containers. Used by some of the world’s largest companies. This project is often referred to as the first industrial application and use-case of Bitcoin.


“This project is often referred to as the first industrial application and use-case of Bitcoin.”

Every year the global freight task of 360,000,000 movements of goods feed, clothe and nurture us. The introduction of the Blockfreight™ blockchain of global freight network is owners and operators of complex global networks can have confidence in the quality of the data provided to them in an open, cheap (USD$1 per transaction) uniform and efficient way, as adopted and set up by the companies own teams Open Source (MIT) contributions made on Github via pull-request or bug-reporting.

Container freight – lining up to load transactions on the blockchain.

Photograph showing unconfirmed transactions next to a validator of the Blockfreight™ nework. via How Does it Work

The automation of vehicle transportation is opening up new capital allocation opportunities. The administrative function of the supply chain is nearing a close. Our alliance is the first global open network for freight. Open borders and open markets are facilitated by active transfer. 

We are building something we all need. Get on board.

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