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Billing & Pricing

Blockfreight is FREE. Open-Source. Software. No Fee is charged for using or running the Blockfreight™ Node and there never will be. This Right is Guaranteed by our MIT License. However, there is a license fee to placing transactions in the public record. The fee for this transaction license is $1.

Our pricing analysts look at industry standards, playing close attention to this pricing. We use mathematical analysis to track industry trends in the marketplace using industry databases, catalogues and other industry sources.

They are also paid services and products we provide under a subscription (SaaS) model at as Blockfreight Hub™ providing tools many users may value that would prefer to use a turn-key solution, rather than building thier own systems starting with a free Blockfreight™ Node.

We may be involved with the design, production, packaging and presentation of products, which can influence how people work with the network, and how they connect Blockfreight into thier existing systems with Blockfreight Enterprise™.

Finally, Blockfreight may provide advice, development, customisation and integration services during our research and development phase, either directly, or in co-operation with third party partners.

In all cases, we work with industry to to help create the most income for their companies. To ensure the most effective and resillient global supply chain build and defended under all market conditions.

Our work is with a variety of departments, including sales, product management, marketing and accounting, to ensure that their methods comply with company strategy and maximise profitability for our customers.